Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing

From page 69 of "Dancing With Cats" (Chronicle Books, 1999):
MARVIN's sessions with Missy are full on. "Most afternoons when the neighbors are at work, I pull down the shades, wind up some classic Springsteen, and we both bust out and go ballistic. It's ten minutes of high voltage and romp and stomp. Really letting go, letting it out, and letting it in. It's better than any chemical substance because you're high on pure energy.
"Other cat dancers I've talked to on the Web use Heavy Metal, Techno, and World Beat. One guy says he uses Marley to build up such strong vibrational levels in just five minutes that they last for days. But you have to be careful; sometimes the energy is so powerful I worry about overstimulating my aura. At those levels, an unstable etheric oscillation could collapse into an astral vortex and suck my spiritual reserves into a state of negative sub-matter."
And so my advice is to be careful, dear readers. Updates coming, I hope.