Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Charge To Keep

The person who crafted this powerful image -- a reminder not just of the Reason For The Season, but that there are those out there who would take Christmas from us and replace it with, like, improved mass transit and a single-payer health care system -- has disavowed authorship of it. No doubt because he (or is it a he?) (it's a he) does not want the ACLU and Van Jones and The Girl From The Website and So On showing up at his home. I post it here because it is important to remember what's important. Also because I specifically requested it on Twitter and I really and truly appreciate him doing it.

Brian McCann is something of a hero of mine, and not just because of his record of protecting things from other things. The rest of the image speaks for itself. Eloquently. Loudly. There is some spittle involved. Okay now it is becoming less eloquent.

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