Thursday, June 3, 2010

Going Going, Back Back

I can't wait to catch up with my friends (pictured at left) in Los Angles this weekend! Which is to say that Brandon Davis (I know his name?) is like a less appealing young version of Robert Evans and if I see him out there I will barf with sadness. But I probably won't see him, since I'm not going to do any drugs or go to any exclusive nightclubs.

But I will be there. So lighter than usual, even, for the next week. Be good everyone! Spago (is still open, maybe?)! Hotel bars! Lindsay Lohan falling down drunk and then claiming her assistant set her up! People who are assistants for people like Lindsay Lohan! This is maybe my favorite type of place.

You know who I would honestly love to meet out there, though? Besides my actual friends, I mean? The D.O.C. Get the whole Fila Fresh Crew guided tour of the city, etc. Also I'd like to meet Greg Dulli and Darren Dreifort and Eric Piatkowski. But I'd settle for not seeing Brandon Davis

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