Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blanket Coverage

No particular reason for this, other than that it's beautiful. My friend Josh Herr reminded me -- with a link to this very nice cover of The Cure's "In Between Days" by Superchunk -- of The Onion AV Club's Undercover thing, in which they invited 25 bands to cover 25 different songs. I think Wye Oak chose well, obviously (I also think Jenn Wasner should stop calling me, because I am married and I don't care how appealing your voice and face and manner is -- leave me be, lady!), and I actually linked to Ted Leo's excellent Tears For Fears cover months ago as a sort of apology for this ambivalent and heavily qualified anti-appreciation of his work. Do I even need to add "ambivalent and heavily qualified" to links to my own stuff? Infer that. It is inferrable, by this point.

(Also, I know that Budweiser's brand is bulletproof -- it certainly has survived being attached to a not-that-great beer -- but the commercials that follow these performance videos are the saddest, sorest thumbs I've seen in a while. After an earnest expression of artistic enjoyment and enthusiasm, the "Guys like to do really obvious things... and drink Bud!" falsity of those ads is jarring and kind of weirdly sad. Okay, Budweiser: what you say people are like, they're like. Good thing they sometimes also do really good covers of nice songs, or what a boring and scared and predictable world this would be).

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