Thursday, September 2, 2010

Governor Jan Brewer (R-AZ) Is A Tim & Eric Character

So, let's see: blaze-orange, prone to strange breathing and gestures, wince-inducing in the extreme. I know she's an actual person, but Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is also clearly a sketch comedy character. A character from the most bigoted and depressing sketch in a half-century, sure, and one whose shocking inability even to marshal the idiot buzzwords of her movement's own lobotomized lexicon is frankly sobering. Also she kind of looks like a draggy Frank Vincent. Also kooky enough and unready for prime time enough to make Sharon Angle look like Barbara Jordan. But also, and finally, and most importantly, a character in a comedy sketch.

I'm not mad at her. She's just doing what she does, what she was born to do. Pumpers like to pump, man. Sometimes it's that simple.

Great job.

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