Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Have A Snow Day!

I was going to be doing my usual Wall Street Journal Four Lessons thing on today's Giants/Vikings game, but... well, watch the video. I have never had a better excuse for taking a day off, and yet I still don't have to shovel. Although this does kind of put the whole "sometimes Minneapolis is just better" argument from earlier this week into some perspective.

(Also, the game has been postponed until Monday night, and moved to Detroit. Where tickets will be free on a first-come/first-served basis. Which means what's in that amazing video may not actually be the weirdest thing that happens involving this game. If anyone actually reads those Four Lessons things -- and they don't, except to call me a NYC elitist for not knowing the nicknames of Eagles players -- tomorrow night would be the time for that)

Also good Sunday news: the most recent Yakkin' About Football went up today at The Awl. Quiet day for readership, but it's just nice to have it up at all. And by "it" I mean "a ton of fake names for New England Patriots players." Here you go on that. I'm going to go do something that doesn't involve typing about football, now.


  1. You must be a real NY elitist if you can sit there and pretend that getting up at 7:30 on a -9 degree Sunday morning to shovel your car out from under two feet of snow so that it doesn't get towed doesn't TOTALLY RULE. How's that beaujolais taste?

  2. Tastes like shame, Ben. Comfort and shame. (Sorry about that, obviously) (The video, at least, is neat)

  3. How in christ can the tickets be free? I mean, there is the basic cost of just opening the doors to Ford Field. Who comes up with this shit? If there's a lockout, I'm looking to you first, Mr. Whoever Opened Ford Field for Free.