Monday, December 27, 2010

This Is Not Thailand

And it's not even terribly close to being Thailand. Blizzards are sweet, of course, and I'm not nearly old or mature enough to believe otherwise. But they are notably less so when they involve tons of canceled flights and effed-up infrastructure and sad conversations with Bangalore phone-bankers whose English skills are what might most nicely be called narrowly proscribed and whose agency to help out when your flight gets canceled is essentially nil. That is maybe the least enjoyable version of a blizzard. Second-least enjoyable being the figurative kind that arrives some weeks later, with the announcement that the tickets you hastily booked after finding out that the best you could hope for from your ticketing agency was a refund -- which is not nothing, but also not actually helpful in re: getting to Thailand -- have added like $1600 to your credit card bills. That is also a terrible kind of blizzard.

But the literal kind that just happened was pretty cool. Thunder and lightning and snow? How does that work? And an extra day in New York isn't the worst thing. More than one, though, and I'll have to be prepared to re-open the subject of my strictly pro-blizzard approach. But also:

So there are obviously two sides to all this.

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