Thursday, April 7, 2011


This woman has absolutely had physical actual-sex with Newt Gingrich, so I guess you could say she deserves this brilliant Photoshop upgrade? (By this person, and via this one)

I am kind of fascinated by conservo-wives, more for aesthetic reasons than anything else. Intellectually, I have a hardish time understanding women who get turned on by men willing to spend their working lives trying to prevent women from doing various things with their bodies -- we all have our things. I can't really get in a sex-mode without thinking of Joe McEwing getting thrown out trying to stretch a single into a double. Different strokes, different folks, and so on. But also...

But also look at Calista Gingrich's face. Look at her hair and that weird scimitar part, and the inevitable headache-blond dye job. Her mouth, her creepy-smooth skin. Now try to imagine her in casual clothing. Try to imagine her at age 25, or after two beers at a bar. Imagine her on mass transit, or listening to rock and roll. Can you do any of this? Because I cannot do any of this. Who are these people, these people who are married to/are Calista Gingrich? What Calista Gingrich could think or want -- beyond "I think I want to fuck Newt Gingrich," of course -- is utterly impenetrable to me. I imagine it has something to do with immigrants and poor people and the choice-v-child question. But I would honestly prefer not to imagine it. Still, sweet ink.

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  1. It is baffling, isn't it? But we can work through this together.