Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Great Moments In On-Camera Anxiety

Given the choice, I would rather keep my distinctive brand of nervous pallor on my side of the monitor, so as to be a less disquieting presence for my notional readers and etc. But I do have one on-camera credit to my name that -- while I've dumped it in the right hand column with my other clips -- I am excited to be able to plug into this post. I'm excited both because I love this particular clip and had forgotten all about it, but also because this is the first time -- and hold your applause, please -- that I've been able to figure out how to embed it in a blog post.

Most people are familiar with "embed codes" for videos, but since I'm apparently 57 years old this is the first time I've been able to find the magical code for this brief Slate Vvideo I made a couple years ago. The video is about a company, now revealed as something of a scam, named Spot Runner, which produced build-to-suit political ads for $499 a pop. I wrote this piece, and thanks to some photographs taken by my wife Kate and Spot Runner's largesse, got them to put together an ad for me. The whole video is here:

I know! Right here in the post! The 1990s are going to be mind-blowing. Johnny Mnemonic was more prescient than we knew.

UPDATE: More flubby heroism from me: the full-size version of the vid was too wide for this space (maybe this is why people have Tumblrs?), so I had to shrink it down in the embed code. Thus the fact that it's very small. If you want to experience the Spot Runner ads and my own clammy terror in glorious full(er) screen, click here. If you have any idea on how I could make it look a little better, please email me.

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