Thursday, April 29, 2010

Groping The Intangibles

So, I owe like eight people I'm already friends with an explanation/apology for a week generally absent of any blogging at all. Or... even that is maybe grandiose? It is, isn't it. The Joe McEwing picture is suddenly even feeling grandiose. Perspective check!

Okay, apparently I'm still more relevant than Super Joe, which is good. Anyway, what had happened was that I was coming up with all these things I wanted to write -- in no particular order, the weird rightness of a couple pieces at Gawker that finally barfed on The Hills and the weird wrongness of one that destroyed some asshole lady's life, most recently, and also some other stuff about this incredibly terrible MIA video (you can read most of what I would've written down in the comments, although I'd add that it's hilarious that Costa-Gavras' kid is also hyphenating his semi-name) and a ridiculously ill-conceived thinky thing that I promise will never write that was going to be called "The Tears in Philip Glass's Eyes" -- and then writing other stuff that I will hopefully be paid for eventually. And I did some invoicing. And there was the day gig, which is an apocalypse of ridiculousness in a dozen different ways, but which I am not going to get into here because that would just be a stupid way to lose a gig. But all of that is now more or less wrapped -- I mean, the day job is forever and eternity, but the fun stuff is wrapped -- and I've got a Slate piece coming up I'm very happy with and a honeymoon I'm looking forward to and I should probably go to bed. But so yes: this is going to get quiet after probably another post or two this weekend, for like two weeks. Just rest assured that I'll be somewhere in Italy, drinking wine and eating things with, like, stomach or duck or whatever those guys serve me in them, and spending some time with my wife. Whom you probably know from her ace fetching abilities, and who I actually used to hang out with quite a bit before she had to do this big gala thing and other stuff.

But yeah. I'll be away for a bit. Not starting now, but starting soon. So be prepared for, like, a post about what I'm going to read while I'm in Italy -- this and this and hopefully a novel or so -- and maybe another INSTANT CLASSIC about ramps or something, and then for some silence. It's cool. There's plenty of other stuff on the Internet. If you're having trouble getting up the willpower to commit suicide, I recommend The Drudge Report.

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